Joint Ops Properties Interview on Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever:

Over 100 Properties Acquired in 12 MONTHS from LEASE OPTION Masters!

Thanks to Kim Butler (a mentor of ours) and Todd Strobel for having us on the Partners 4 Prosperity podcast. It is always a big deal to us when someone that has taught us a great deal is willing to interview us.

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 Check our interview on the Cash Flow Ninja where we talk about the opportunities that exist in the new economy, real estate, and using Life Insurance as your bank to fund these news enterprises.


 Lease Options Podcast interview on the Old Dawgs RIE Network

In this episode, Joint Ops Properties, LLC founders James Vreeland and Bob Scott discuss their lucrative real estate investing business that buys distressed single family homes and sells them to tenant buyers with lease-to-own option agreements.

What You Will Learn

How Jimmy purchased his first investment property while on a 4 month deployment in Afghanistan
What is Infinite Bank and how you can finance properties with life insurance
How to turn a loser rental into a win-win cash machine
What an “Excel Millionaire” is and how to avoid becoming one

Link to the show:…
E3 Radio Show –  First Appearance of  Libertarian Moses on the radio

Maximize Your Money Interview #3

Got to back on my favorite radio show w John Moriarty to talk about the advantages of playing the entrepreneurship game. I even got to give a big shout out to my lovely wife/ domestic warrior, Susie Vreeland who even though she had 4 kids in 5 years she was able to teach herself how to start her own business basically through Youtube and trial and error

Main theme of the show is that the game isn’t that hard if you invest your time, money, human capital in places that:
Cash Flow
You own the equity
You can use leverage
Has tax advantages
Not a Victim of Inflation

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Kennedy Financial Podcast Interview:

Bob and I went on the Kennedy Financial Podcast and were able to talk about the Infinite Banking Concept and Real Estate Investing. We became friends w Phil through the Tom Woods show. This was the first time we have been able to talk about IBC to a Libertarian/ Austrian audience
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Joint Ops Properties Interview on the Real Estate Mastery Podcast

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Bobs Podcast