Excel Millionaires: lessons learned in Real Estate

This is a video about our worst and first deal that we at Joint Ops Properties and the lessons we learned from it. The main lesson was a mental/ emotional lesson and that was to not get excited by the deal’s Excel Spreadsheet and not fall for the trap of being an Excel Millionaire.



Here is new type of video that we are going to start making;
Bob is going to go out in the field and start showing our viewers what he looks for when we are buying a property. These videos should be useful to anyone looking to start buying single family residences.

In this video, Bob goes through a really nice property in Granite City, IL.

From the field #1

Bob take you through a house that was recently flooded and takes you through his thought process on wether or not to make an offer.

From the field #3: To Buy a House or Not to Buy a House (Even if it only costs 20K)

When a house is listed for $20k does that mean it is a no brainer or does it mean it is a recipe to become an Excel Millionaire? Bob walks through a house in Arnold, Mo that is listed for $20,000 and shows you how even at a purchase price of 20k this house can still be a bad deal and big money pit.


From the field #4: First Video on a Project that We are Flipping

Bob walks you through a flip that is down to the studs and shows you how we analyze deals

From The Field #5: Rehab numbers after a house has had all the copper stolen

f you are going to start investing in real estate, this will happen to you. An unoccupied property will be broken into and that copper will be stolen and sold for salvage. Bob walks you through a house in which this has happened and runs through the numbers of fixing the problem.


Investing in Ferguson MO

We get a lot of out of town investors asking about investing in Ferguson. We have several properties there and are fans of investing there. Here is a case study that shows why.