Joint Ops Cash-Flow Club Newsletter Volume 2


Joint Ops Cash-Flow Club Newsletter

Volume 2


The month of November was another big month for us. We continued to tweak and grow our business.

Here are the numbers:

104 Total Properties under management

4  Properties bought

$15,985  paid out as interest to our private lenders

2 Lease Option Tenants Placed


Cash-Flow Insurance


We discovered rent protection insurance this month. For a small annual premium, Alliance Rent Protection, LLC will send us the rent from the tenant that is late. If the tenant ends up paying, we simply send the rent money back to Alliance. If the property goes all the way to eviction, we keep the rent money from Alliance in return for the judgment. They then go and collect their money back from the judgement. This service definitely protects Joint Ops’ cash flow and it protects you as one of our investors because we pay you interest out of our cash flow.


Find out more here:


Automated Showings


Currently we receive more than 30 online inquiries from potential tenants per day and more than 300 calls per week. It is more than a full time job to follow up and provide access information to potential tenants. We ordered 10 electronic showing boxes with Rently to test out on our properties that we are actively marketing for tenants.


Potential tenants can download an App on their phone and verify their identity by putting a debit/credit card on file (They are billed $.99). Then they can request a showing on a property. They are given a unique code (so we can track who is at the property and when) and a 1 hour window to view the property. They also have to be within geo-proximity to the property to view the home. We estimate this will save our staff 10-30 hours per week and shorten the time from initial inquiry to signing a lease. This makes us more efficient, reduces overhead, and in turn, your investment with us is that much safer.


You can find out more here:


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