The New Rules of Money

We were taught the rules of money by our parents and adults who were playing a different money game.  There are new rules of money.  The rules that worked for people during the Great Depression era do not work in todays economy.  You will lose if you follow the rule of saving as our parents … Continued

Losers use Savings Accounts

Savings Account vs. Whole Life Insurance The dollars that you keep in your savings account “earn” less than 1%.  That doesn’t beat inflation.  In fact, your are losing roughly 2% – a fact they don’t disclose when you deposit your life savings into a long-term savings account.  There is a huge opportunity cost to keeping that … Continued

Joint Ops Cash-Flow Club Newsletter Volume 2

  Joint Ops Cash-Flow Club Newsletter Volume 2   The month of November was another big month for us. We continued to tweak and grow our business. Here are the numbers: 104 Total Properties under management 4  Properties bought $15,985  paid out as interest to our private lenders 2 Lease Option Tenants Placed   Cash-Flow … Continued