Real Estate Investing And Whole Life Insurance: The Great “AND 1”

In order to start or get on the path to financial independence, it is a good idea to find investments that:
1. cash flow
2. appreciate
3. you own the equity
4 have tax advantages
5 Can be leveraged
6. and are hedged against inflation

The only two investments that do this are real estate and life insurance (privatized banking). Turns out that the same dollars can work in both vehicles at once.

Here is a video that details this phenomenon:

 The Great AND 1 Case Study: Here are some numbers that show combining whole life insurance with Real Estate is like putting gas on a fire.

Football Friday and the Jim Harbaugh Case Study

Last Friday we released a video about an article in ESPN news about Jim Harbaugh taking his compensation in Life Insurance Premiums and we asked “why would he do that?”. The quick answer is that it saved him 5 millions dollars in taxes plus a 1.5 million in tax free dividends every year.  In this video we dive into the numbers and show exactly how it works. The last video was conceptual; just talking about the system. In this video we actually go through the numbers so that the viewer can see the x’s and o’s that the infinite banking system is a superior personal banking system. We also show that anyone can implement the same strategy that these “high net worth” individual are using.

Here is the link to the original article:


What Can Survive An Economic Apocalypse: Twinkies, Cock Roaches and Life Insurance

Brad Gibb and I discuss why in the next economic meltdown, Life Insurance companies will survive much longer than the fractional reserve banks. And why Life Insurance is such a good place to save or store your capital

Rich Dad’s Prophecy: ADD Version

ERISA and the forced distributions that people have to take at 70.5 years is another reason why a qualified plan is not saving. That rule is also the reason Robert Kiyosaki says the market is vulnerable for a crash.

Rich Dad’s Prophecy: Is it Happening?

We talk about an article from the WSJ that could be evidence that one of the rules in ERISA could be very damaging to the market as a whole and that a person can use Real Estate Investing to mitigagte the risk


Tax Escrow Strategy

Use this tax escrow strategy to create cash flow from money that you have sent to the tax man

Putting an end to the Myth of the Average Return

When anyone tells an investor will receive an average return of X, that does not mean the investor will a return of X. It is even possible that said investor will show an overall loss. We are trying to put an end to myth that “S&P increases an average of 8% a year” does anything for anyone investing in a mutual fund or qualified plan

The DalBar Myth: 8% average Return on S&P does not mean 8% return for the investor

In this video we discuss the DalBar Report which shows that generally the investor in a mutual fund or qualified plan that attempts to mimic the returns of the S&P 500 generally receives about half of the return that S&P receives