Leaders in St. Louis Real Estate

Joint Ops Properties is a real estate investment company in St. Louis, Missouri specializing in creating passive income opportunities for investors while helping families move into homes they can afford and reside in for decades to come.  We find those hidden house deals that you normally only hear about often at 30%-50% off retain value.

With our proprietary marketing systems we find the best properties in foreclosurebank owned foreclosuresfor sale propertieshandyman dealsfixer uppersdiscount homesdistressed properties and buy them at great win-win prices for both us and the home seller. We then pass these deals along to our preferred investors who are looking for passive income through one of these three programs…

Cash Flow Tactics

Investors get into Real Estate for Appreciation, Equity, Cash Flow, Leverage, and for a hedge against inflation and as it turns out Whole Life Insurance policies have the same advantages and con be used in conjunction with Real Estate Investing.  Learn how to Build Cash Flow, Grow Wealth, and Achieve Financial Freedom with CASH FLOW TACTICS and accelerate your journey to financial independence.

Turn Key Program

Our Turn Key Investors buy a cash flowing property with a current tenant that provides at least a 10% cash on cash return, a less than 7 GRM, and an about 10% Cap rate. In this VIDEO  we explain all these terms, the advantages of buying an occupied lease to own property, and we show you an an example of one of our turn key offerings.

Private Lending Program

We created a 1:1 Investor to Property strategy where all loans are secured by a property with a note and deed of trust.  Unlike mutual funds, stocks, and bonds that are speculative each of our private lenders has a property.  Private Lenders receive a more stable and consistent higher rate of return with added piece of mind because standing behind every investment is a piece of property as collateral.  You can find more information on this VIDEO.  All private money loans are secured by a piece of property.