Here is a quick introduction to who we are and what we do at Joint Ops Properties:

In this Video, we discuss one of the most important lessons that you can learn when investing in Real Estate; do not be an Excel Millionaire 


In this short video we break down the crown jewel in our Lease To Own portfolio:

In this quick video we discuss how to combine life insurance with real estate to EXPLODE your return:

Here is a video on why we do not like to put our capital in banks:

One of the main reasons we started investing in real estate was because real estate is a fantastic hedge against inflation and has great tax advantages.

Putting the money you want to store long term in a bank has 0 tax advantages and money looses value due to inflation if it sits in a bank.

Dont worry get to the end of the video and we have a solution:



Where to Store Your Capital If You Do Not Want to Use a Bank

Yesterday we released a video discussing why we do not like to store our capital in a bank (it may have gotten a little dark). But here is the good news; turns out that there is a safe place to store your capital: Whole Life Insurance Policies.

We like to store our capital in these policies while we wait for another deal for these reasons:

  • beats inflation
  • Tax advantages
  • Minimal government regulation and oversight
  • Antifragile; Not subject to market volatility
  • A place to save and invest, not speculate


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