Joint Ops Cash-Flow Club Newsletter Volume 2

  Joint Ops Cash-Flow Club Newsletter Volume 2   The month of November was another big month for us. We continued to tweak and grow our business. Here are the numbers: 104 Total Properties under management 4  Properties bought $15,985  paid out as interest to our private lenders 2 Lease Option Tenants Placed   Cash-Flow … Continued

Where to Store Your Capital if You Do Not Want to Use a Bank

Yesterday we released a video discussing why we do not like to store our capital in a bank (it may have gotten a little dark). But here is the good news; turns out that there is a safe place to store your capital: Whole Life Insurance Policies. We like to store our capital in these … Continued

How to Evaluate A Real Estate Investment Deal in St Louis (resources)

We talk with lots of people looking to buy real estate investment properties in and surrounding areas. Some of them know what they’re doing… and some of them are still in the learning process. But, since our entire business is finding great deals… and often passing those deals onto real estate investors like you at huge … Continued